Choosing the Coffee Maker and Enjoy Coffee at Home


Are you an official coffee lover? If yes, it is certain that you have already heard about the famous brand – Keurig. This machine is produced to support for people who make coffee to serve for their home or for commercial activity such as in coffee bars or in restaurants. This article will mention to how to choose a keurig coffee maker and the list of keurig coffee maker to buy for home.

What is the Keurig? – It is known as a coffee making machine which can brew a cup of coffee for using. This helps you not waste your coffee in case you don’t use all in the first time. In the previous time, housewives think that they are not able to brew coffee at home because there is no machine to support. But now, the Keurig completely helps them to deal with their trouble when being an useful cookware in a kitchen. (more…)

Time Of Cooked Meats That Everyone Should Know

When making meats, sometime it is considerable in terms of whether it is cooked or not. We are going to show you the time that different meats are cooked and the most delicious

  • Duck

Time : 90 minutes

Compared to other meats, the requirement of duck meat is the more cooked they are, the more delicious they would be. The most appropriate time for both cooked meats and infusing spices is 1,5 hour. However, during cooking process, you should keep in mind that, after cooking time of 25-30 minutes, you should give a small fire. With soup and boiled dishes, use a spoon to salvage the white scum to make it’s broth clear.


Kitchen Tricks
Best Kitchen Tricks

Sometimes simple actions in kitchen can surprise you by it effect. There are some shared tricks that make your cooking much more interesting and easier.

  • To purify the stain from fruit sap in your hands, rub potato’s peel or with vinegar around your hands.


  • Avoid putting some kinds of fruit such as grape fruits, oranges, tangerines, and tomatoes in fridge. The low temperature inside fridge will take the nature smell and the inherent savor of fruits and vegetables.


5 Low-Calorie Foods For You To Get The Effective Diet

Nowadays, it is considered that the overweight and obese status in millions of adults becomes one of the most serious problems relating to the health in the world. As a result, it creates many chances for development of various types of diet. Therefore, according to experts of nutrition, the most important thing you should particularly pay attention is to choose the balanced and healthy dietary for protecting your health.

It should be understood in the right way that instead of a list of the bland, flavorless and monotonous dishes day by day, the balanced and healthy dietary is known as a list of low-calorie but tasty foods. Additionally, in spite of unhealthy and high-fat foods, you should be patient to have the strong will not to give up going on a diet by the way that you tell yourself about what and how you should eat.


Most of people get the failure as soon as the first time they go on diet due to a simple reason that is the low-calorie diet that makes you not have enough energy and feel hungry at the beginning. It is such a shame that you have no attention to some available and great choices that include tasty kinds of foods that are not only good for your health but also reasonable for your family’s finance. Some types of food in the following list will give you support to carry out your plan of losing weight but create the appetite as well as provide enough necessary amount of calories per day to you (more…)

Naturally Sweet Foods
Top Naturally Sweet Foods In Cooking

To make the sweetness for the foods, you should add the sugar or the monosodium glutamate (MSG) in cooking. However, overusing these ingredients makes foods uncomfortably sweet. In some recipes, people usually use many raw materials in order to make natural sweeteners, create an elegant taste for the food and make food better, friendlier for your health.


The pure honey is known as “panacea” for health and beauty. In cooking the honey is usually used the grilled dishes instead of sugar because the effect of honey is to create a layer surrounding the meat which makes it cook totally. The surface is not burned to a crisp. The honey flavor is permeated with meat which makes barbecue delicious. Besides that, the amount of sugar in honey helps a piece of meat’s surface become more attractive. (more…)

How To Mix Some Drinks Using A Blender

In this article, we will together learn the recipes with the support of the blender to make some cool and tasty beverages that are not only appetizing, nutrient but also hygienic.
The necessary tool.
A blender
It would be better for you to choose the blender with the capacity of 1.2 liters or over and the ability to mill the ice cubes to make sure that is enough drinks for many people as well as to cool the smoothies.

BLENDERThe strawberry-banana smoothies
Ingredients of the strawberry-banana smoothies:
1 cup of some strawberries
One 200-ml package of unsweetened milk
One- fourth of a cup of yogurt
1 banana
15 grams of sugar
Some ice cubes
Directions to make the strawberry-banana smoothies
Washing strawberries and then cutting their stalks.
Peeling the banana and then slicing it into small pieces.
Put all ingredients into the blender and then milling them into smooth status.
Pouring the milled mixtures into some cups or glasses with simple decorations by the way that is to put a strawberry or a slice of banana on the top border of cups, glasses or other containers. (more…)

8 Food Trends In Modern Life

Before doing mention to food trends, we loose points through the advancement in human diet. The invention of fire to help people know how toprepare the fresh food into delicious dishes. We call it cooking. Dietary now not only recognized as the basic needs of life, but also as a tool for business, as well as how to return expression, culture of a country or inspiration for photographers save those memorable pictures.

Cooking is a way for you to experience and practice the knowledge you acquire in life. You will find the passion, the pleasure of seeing countless products made by our own hands. Thereby, you will learn many things and know how to promote their knack in the kitchen more. It is also a necessary life skills can help a lot for you in later life. This field will be extremely interesting to you if you understand more deeply about them.

There are many food trends in the world and becoming popular day by day. We count on 8 major trends in food consumption in the current period.

Canned drinks

Today, juices, energetic drinks are always on hand in the refrigerator of the consumer. Refrigerator storage is where the really most appropriate cans for people to be able to feel cool when the weather is sultry, extremely convenient than stored in conventional cans. (more…)

Ice cream
Ice Cream – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Until nowadays, the history of ice cream still remains a mystery. Therefore, many people still believe that the first people to make ice cream was the Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture from snow, nectar and fruit powder and then it was mixed with honey. Many people argued that Marco Polo, an explorer in the 13th century, brought the cream from the East back to Europe. However, no matter what its origin is, in average each of Vietnamese consumes more than 15 liters of cream every year, and the amount of ice consumed cream has increased extremely fast in hot months especially as at present.

ICE CREAM (more…)

How To Make A Simple Birthday Cake

It is considered that the birthday cake not only plays an important role as one of the indispensable things in the birthday parties but also enlivens the small events, the congratulatory parties or the meetings,… So, why don’t we discover the recipe to make this kind of cake at home to create its higher values as well as to perform our cooking skills?MAKE A SIMPLE BIRTHDAY CAKE

Ingredients of the birthday cake:

For the sponge cake:

4 eggs
120 grams of flour
60 grams of sugar
5 ml of vanilla extract

For the cream:
1 egg whites
50 grams of sugar
100 grams of bland butter

Needed tools to make the birthday cake:
1 oven, 1 cake pan or 1 spring form pan
1 egg beater or 1 whisk
1 big bowl

Directions for making the birthday cake:
Making the sponge cake:
Step 1: Whipping the prepared eggs and sugar:
Putting 4 eggs and 60 grams of sugar into a big bowl.
Using the egg beater or the whisk to mix them to make sure that this mixture is not only pale and porous like the cream but also pouring softly like the ribbon. (more…)

Eight amazing cacao’s effects and benefits
Eight Amazing Cacao’s Effects And Benefits

Cacao is one of the most popular foods in the world since its flavor and the diversity of processing and surprising nutrients which make fastidious customers satisfied. Let’s find out the unexpected effects of cacao.

Cacao has been found since 3000 years at Central America and Mexico was consider cacao as an extremely nutritious and valuable food, so it is known as Theobroma Cacao  which means the food of the Gods. The drinks and chocolate made from cacao have become more popular in the world and a unique culture in European cuisine until the 20th century.

Eight amazing cacao’s effects and benefits

Here are some reasons why you should use cacao every day for great effects it brings

The high nutritive value

Eight amazing cacao’s effects and benefitsCacao contains full of basic nutritional components such as protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats which provide energy for daily activities. The fat in special cacao is easily absorbed because of the triglyceride content and nature as well as unsaturated fatty acid. Moreover, soluble fiber also accounts for a large proportion. Two teaspoon of cacao powder is equivalent to a cup of milk cacao that means you supply 14% of the fiber necessary for a woman and 9% for a man. The fiber is good for weight loss as well as digestive activities. Therefore, the opinion, cacao makes the body hot and the cause of constipation is totally wrong.

Using cacao regularly helps you absorb more minerals which the body cannot synthesize such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper… these minerals push metabolism and cell building. (more…)