Kitchen Tricks
Best Kitchen Tricks

Sometimes simple actions in kitchen can surprise you by it effect. There are some shared tricks that make your cooking much more interesting and easier.

  • To purify the stain from fruit sap in your hands, rub potato’s peel or with vinegar around your hands.
  • Avoid putting some kinds of fruit such as grape fruits, oranges, tangerines, and tomatoes in fridge. The low temperature inside fridge will take the nature smell and the inherent savor of fruits and vegetables.


  • If you want to preserve fresh milk longer as you want to keep it from being old and stale, add salt into a milk bottle right when you open it.
  • BEST KITCHEN TRICKSTo clean the kettle with much gathered calcium deposits, use this one to boil a mixture which includes wine and white vinegar. These deposits will be peeled off. Wash it again clearly and drain it before using as usual.
  • When reserving food in water-tight plastic food storage bags, sprinkle a little salt in order that fruit and vegetables will not be rancid and old.
  • If there is any used leftover wine, pour it in an ice tray and leave to freeze. It will be very convenient when you can use these ices to make soup or sauce.
  • After you boil noodles or potatoes, let cool down the water. This water could provide nutrients to encourage plant development. Keep in mind watering your tree by it.
  • If you want to keep lettuce in fridge, you should wrap it by tissue paper or newspaper, swirl tightly, put in a water-tight nylon bag then leave inside refrigerator compartment.
  • If you have salted soup, you can put a peeled potato into the pot to fix it. Potatoes will absorb redundant salt and make your soup better.
  • When your bread slice turns old and not crunchy any more, you can fix it easily by putting a piece of fresh parsley into bread’s bag, and then warp it tightly.
  • One more way to fix salted dish: dress a bit sugar (in case it is not soup)
  • Did you dress too much sugar that makes your dish so sweet? Save the dish by add salt or a spoonful of vinegar.
  • If sugar is clotted, you leave it with a bread slice in a tight bag. Sugar will be nice again.
  • You should boil potatoes in salt water in 10 minutes to have roasted potatoes more quickly.


  • Boiled noodle usually gets sticky. You will avoid that if you add a spoonful of oil or a little butter. This way could be applied for cooking rice.


  • Bear in mind heat the pan up before add oil or butter, so that oil doesn’t splash out. It also keeps every food from getting glutinous into the pan.
  • If oil splash out during frying, sprinkling salt into the pan could do some helps.
  • Remove the fat from stews by throw lettuce into the pot. Fat will adhere lettuce’s leaves, you just pick it up.
  • When you cook dry beans and want to dress salt, you should do it after cooking is completed. If you add salt before starting, beans will take long time to be soft.

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