Choosing the Coffee Maker and Enjoy Coffee at Home


Are you an official coffee lover? If yes, it is certain that you have already heard about the famous brand – Keurig. This machine is produced to support for people who make coffee to serve for their home or for commercial activity such as in coffee bars or in restaurants. This article will mention to how to choose a keurig coffee maker and the list of keurig coffee maker to buy for home.

What is the Keurig? – It is known as a coffee making machine which can brew a cup of coffee for using. This helps you not waste your coffee in case you don’t use all in the first time. In the previous time, housewives think that they are not able to brew coffee at home because there is no machine to support. But now, the Keurig completely helps them to deal with their trouble when being an useful cookware in a kitchen.

To choose the best keurig coffee maker for home or commercial uses, you may base on these following factors:


this-is-my-best-home-coffee-maker-keurig-21442254It depends on your kitchen space, you can choose an appropriate keurig coffee maker in different sizes. If your space is large, you can choose a Keurig B60 Special Edition (17x13x17 inches); this machine is convenient for using at home. But if your kitchen is narrower, Kerig B70 Platinum Single Cup Brewing System, Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System and Keurig K65 Coffee Maker are better for you because of their smaller sizes.

For commercial uses, you should take bigger ones in sizes because of the large amount of brewing coffee everyday. Keurig B155 Commercial Brewing System and Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion are recommended for you because they are equipped more brewing cups in order to reduce brewing time.


Convenience is rated highly by extra equipped tools and best price for customers. The best recommended machine is Keurig B60 Special Edition that has 3 brew-size options and patented K-cups technology. It is automatically off in 2 hours with timer function.

If you have intention to buy a Keurig coffee maker for commerce, you should get one that have many brewing cups in the same time. Keurig B155 Commercial Brewing System is a good machine with a 90 ounces reservoir of water. With this kind of machine, you are able to have a cup of coffee in less than 1 minute. You will no longer wait too long at workplaces to have a coffee glass in the morning.

In spite of being diversified in models and appropriate in price, customers only need to spend from 2 pounds to 18 pounds owning a keurig coffee maker.


Brewing time


Most customers actually notice to the main function of the Keurig – brewing time. In comparison, a keurig coffee maker for commercial uses brews more quickly than ones for home about 2 minutes. Nevertheless, the difference of price may prevent them from buying a commercial machine for their home without concerning about price. Furthermore, buyers should also consider the brand and warranty of what they buy.

The keurig coffee maker for home

As mentioning above, customers can buy a keurig depending on many factors they feel concerned. However, for the best reviews from customers, Keurig K45 elite reviews contains many common and advanced functions which make users satisfied. This machine use K-cup technology and automatically off when coffee is hot enough to drink. Besides, it help to save energy with energy saving mode. This may be the special concern of housewives.

To enjoy delicious cups of coffee every morning, housewives will not waste lots of time to buy outside or do it themselves in many hours. Now, you can enjoy life with a keurig coffee maker anytime you want at home.

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