Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Modena Balsamico

Modena balsamic is a gourmet condiment that has been a gift for centuries. There are many uses of balsamic vinegar. Delicious oil and vinegar dressings can be made with the addition of olive oil. Many Fine Italian restaurants serve oil and balsamic vinegar appetizer sauces as a dip for breads. The exquisite taste of tartness and texture of the balsamic vinegar with the olive oil is a true gourmet experience. Oil and vinegar seasonings are a staple in the Mediterranean cuisine and have been embraced all over the world not only for its health benefits but also delicious flavor. The fact that it is low in cholesterol seems like an added benefit. Low cal does not mean “no flavor” if using balsamic vinegar and the olive oil. These ingredients transform even ordinary lettuce and tomatoes into a delectable gourmet delight.

For those who are eating heart healthy and watching their cholesterol level, they will enjoy this oil and vinegar dressing as a light appetizer. Especially when the oil and vinegar dressing is enhanced with a fresh herbs or a topping of parmesan cheese.

The best Italian vinaigrette recipes uses only the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Modena and Reggio are world renown for their proprietary production of balsamico. A well known dessert after dinner is that of fresh sliced strawberries lightly drizzled with Aceto Gran Reserva 25 Balsamico di Modena

Balsamic vinegar must also be of the highest quality if you are making a traditional vinaigrette recipe. Remember that because you are only using a few ingredients that the flavor of the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar really stand out in all its pure goodness (or, conversely, lack thereof). Traditional balsamico is something that Italians treat with great respect and prepare with great care for decades. They take their vinaigrette recipes very seriously and refuse to use below standard olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar. For example, most gourmet chefs will use nothing but the “traditionale” balsamic vinegar of Modena. There is good reason for that: fine quality.
Modena balsamic vinegar, Modena balsamic

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