Reasons Why Water is Important in Hydroponics

Hydroponic has become very popular in growing plants because of its benefits over soiled agriculture. In hydroponic system, we grow plants in mineral solution without any soil. The main three component of hydroponic system are, the plants, medium and the solution. The most important of these three is nutrient and the best nutrients for hydroponic can make a huge difference in the outcome. The medium is not the mineral solution, they are just the support provided to the plants, specially the roots to rest the weight.

The mineral solution contains all the important nutrient that normal plants get form the soil for their perfect growth and development. Water is compulsory for any living thing to grow and in hydroponic, it is no exception. There are other general hydroponic nutrients are added to it to boost up the growth and we will discuss these in this article.

Water, the source of life:


To grow the plants properly the water must contain the magnesium and calcium carbonates in the proper amount. These two ae the most important nutrients that plants accept as macronutrients for their growth and development. The calcium is supposed to be in 200 ppm where the magnesium limits are around 50-60 ppm.

Any water containing some amount of these should be used carefully as the total amount of these nutrients in the solution should not cross the actual limit. We better know their proportion in the water first then add the nutrients and the fertilizers. Many times, due to usage of proper water, we can reduce the amount of fertilizers and other materials that we need apply.

Hard water

Hard water is nothing but the normal water with the high amount of carbonates and bicarbonates calcium and alike alkaline elements. We can easily identify hard water from the lime scale it generates on the faucet it goes through or with the hurdles the soap finds to lather.
A great part of USA suffers from hard water which is difficult to use in daily life. The scientific way to declare your water hard is to go for the test. You can easily avail the test kit and run the test. Any result near 150 ppm or more than that will declare your water hard.

This hard water is very beneficial to germinate seeds or for the seedling flourishing softly in your hydroponic system. Now we pay attention to why hard water works best for hydroponic system.

Most of the times, we do not consider the nutrients already present in the water and add more fertilizer. As we discussed earlier, this will misbalance the composition and the excessive amount of alkaline will have terrifying effects on the system. There are natural solutions for hydroponic systems and they should be used properly. The pH also matters a lot in this case.

To work on this problem we have special formulas that can be used easily in hard water and they are specially made for this purpose.

Hard water Solution


General Hydroponics FloraMicro Hardwater for Plants is one of the best product available in the market that you can use to solve hard water problem in your hydroponics. When your tap water has 200 or more ppm then it is not safe to use any normal solution and you can easily switch to this product. It comes with so many great features that is worth noticing if you are dealing with hard water problem nowadays.

This product effectively enhances various flavors and aromas along with potency and nutrition. You can use it easily in hydroponics or soiled agriculture and it will provide you with the same result. This is a very clean product which is ideal for a hydroponic system and more importantly, it is not solid which makes the process less messy.

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