Time Of Cooked Meats That Everyone Should Know

When making meats, sometime it is considerable in terms of whether it is cooked or not. We are going to show you the time that different meats are cooked and the most delicious

  • Duck

Time : 90 minutes

Compared to other meats, the requirement of duck meat is the more cooked they are, the more delicious they would be. The most appropriate time for both cooked meats and infusing spices is 1,5 hour. However, during cooking process, you should keep in mind that, after cooking time of 25-30 minutes, you should give a small fire. With soup and boiled dishes, use a spoon to salvage the white scum to make it’s broth clear.

  • Fork

Time: 20 – 25 minutes

With boiled fork, after cooking time of  20-25 minutes, turn off your gas stove and bring it out to eat. It is the most appropriate time. If you are afraid of undercook meat, try to use a chopstick to pierce, whether the flesh is pink?, whether it is possible to pierce the chopstick into it? If it is not dissapear, it is cooked. However, before cooking, you should use a knife to take the meat into 2 parts to make it easy to cooked


  • Chicken

Time: 40 – 45 minutes

Preparing chicken is quite simple but to make the flesh not to be flabby and the skin not being peeled off after boiling requires the dexterity of housewives. Boiled chicken after time from 45 to 50 minutes can be taken out. However, when water begins boiled, we must keep in mind to turn the gas stove to the smallest lever and remain it. In that period of  time, the boiled chicken only meets the requirements.


  • Beef

Time: 20 – 25 minutes

Compared to a variety of meats, undercooked beef is the most delicious. If you did overcooked, meat will be chewy and not fragrant anymore. Therefore, if you prepare meals from beef, it is significant to take note that  let it boil only 20 to 25 minutes for boiling meats. If it s noodle or fried, make them undercooked within 5 to 7 minutes.


Typically, goat meat will be cooked in about 60 minutes. After boiling for 40 minutes, the goat meat tastes better, you should change the water and continue cooking for 20 minutes extra.

  • Seafood

Inks: Waiting for water is boiled then put the ink into and after the water boiled again, take it out.

Shrimp: Small shrimp from 3-4 minutes, big shrimp from 5-8 minutes.


Fish: See how much the thickest part of the fish is, half of knuckles is 4 minutes with medium heat.

The types of clams and snails: Just 2-3 minutes in boiling water

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