Naturally Sweet Foods
Top Naturally Sweet Foods In Cooking

To make the sweetness for the foods, you should add the sugar or the monosodium glutamate (MSG) in cooking. However, overusing these ingredients makes foods uncomfortably sweet. In some recipes, people usually use many raw materials in order to make natural sweeteners, create an elegant taste for the food and make food better, friendlier for your health.


The pure honey is known as “panacea” for health and beauty. In cooking the honey is usually used the grilled dishes instead of sugar because the effect of honey is to create a layer surrounding the meat which makes it cook totally. The surface is not burned to a crisp. The honey flavor is permeated with meat which makes barbecue delicious. Besides that, the amount of sugar in honey helps a piece of meat’s surface become more attractive.

Top naturally sweet foods in cooking

Coconut water

The coconut water is natural elegant sweet and not contaminated because it is made in a completely discreet environment. Moreover, the coconut water is also a raw material used like sweetener in cooking. The sweet-smelling sauce is a product made from the meat stewed in coconut juice. In addition to, the coconut water that is boiled for a long time will not generate toxic chemical like white sugar.

Top naturally sweet foods in cooking

Brown sugar

Brown sugar from sugar cane like the refined sugar, but its component adds chicken eggs and lime. The sugar processing of the brown sugar is more complicated than the refined sugar as it needs more time to crystallize into the sugar crystals. Therefore, it is said that the brown sugar is better for the health than refined sugar.

Top naturally sweet foods in cooking

The brown sugar is a kind of ideal sugar to cook the meals. When cooking the bouillon for rice vermicelli, soup,.., if you use brown sugar instead of refined sugar, it tastes more delicious. Moreover, using the brown sugar to cook sweet soup make it less sweet.


Onion is a spicy bulb when it is fresh, but sweet when cooked. The onion is used to replace sugar during the marinating barbecue to soften and increase the natural sweetness of the meat. Furthermore, a slice of onion is cut and dropped into a stewed pot for the purpose of sweetening especially the bouillon.

Top naturally sweet foods in cooking


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